M.Sc. Agnes Beckmann

Research Assistant 

Institute of General Mechanics
Templergraben 64
52062 Aachen

1. OG, Room 120a

Research Interest

  • Biomechanics of the spine
  • Spinal instrumentations
  • Numerical simulation
  • Experiments at physiological conditions (test of materials, in vitro tests and artificial spine model)


  • Mechanics I: Exercise winter semester 2014/2015
  • Mechanics 2: Exercise summer semester 2015
  • Mechanics 3: Exercise winter semester 2016/2017
  • Guest lecture: biomechanics seminar

Supervised theses

  • Measurement of the precision and accuracy of a magnetic tracking system
  • Numerical simulation of pure moment loading of the lumbar spine
  • Developement of an automated matlab script to assess the centers of rotations of functional spinal units
  • Experimental approach to assess the performance of new posterior dynamic stabilization systems

Conference contributions

  • DGfB 2015, Bonn
  • ESB 2015, Prag
  • GACM 2015, Aachen
  • GAMM 2016, Braunschweig

Prizes, awards and invitations

  • 2. Meditech Student Award for oral presentations, CMBBE 2012, Berlin

Curriculum vitae

Since 2014Research Associate at IAM
2010-2013Master's degree in Medical Engineering, TU Hamburg-Harburg
2006-2010Bachelor's degree in General Engineering Science, TU Hamburg-Harburg


Author Title Source Year  
A. Beckmann, Y. Heider, M. Stoffel, B. Markert Assessment of the viscoelastic mechanical properties of polycarbonate urethane for medical devices Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 82 (2018), 1-8 2018  
A. Beckmann, M. Stoffel, B. Markert Assessment of the high-cycle fatigue performance of a PEEK-based spinal dynamic instrumentation using numerical simulation and experimental data Pamm, 182, 7–8 2017  
C. Herren, A. Beckmann, S. Meyer, M. Pishnamaz, M. Mundt, R. Sobottke, J. Siewe Biomechanical testing of a PEEK-based dynamic instrumentation device in a lumbar spine model. Clinical Biomechanics, 44, 67–74 Clinical Biomechanics, 44, 67–74 2017  
A. Beckmann, C. Herren, M. Mundt, J. Siewe, P. Kobbe, R. Sobottke, B. Markert A new in vitro spine test rig to track multiple vertebral motions under physiological conditions Biomedical Engineering / Biomedizinische Technik, 0(0) 2017  
A. Beckmann, M. Mundt, C. Herren, J. Siewe, P. Kobbe, R. Sobottke, B. Markert Development and experimental validation of a patient-specific lumbar spine FE model to predict the effects of instrumentations Pamm, 16(1), 73–74 2016  

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