M.Sc. Marion Mundt

Research Assistant 

Institute of General Mechanics
Templergraben 64
52062 Aachen

1. OG, Room 107a

Research Interests

  • Gait biomechanics
  • Data analysis, Machine Learning

Teaching Activities

  • Mechanics II for Mechanical Engineering students: SS 2016
  • Mechanics I for Mechanical Engineering students: WS 2016/2017
  • Biomechanis seminar: SS2017
  • Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of Soft Biological Tissue: SS2017
  • Biomechanis seminar: SS2018

Supervised Theses

Project theses: 

  • Biomechanical evaluation of cement augmentation in a femoral hip fracture device 
  • Determination of spatio-temporal gait parameters concerning walking frame supported gait using inertial measurement units

Bachelor’s Theses:

  • Rigid body simulation of the human gait kinematics
  • Development of an Automated Program to Calculate Kinetic Walking Patterns from Joint Angles
  • Modeling the Human Femur based on Finite Element Method

Master’s Theses: 

  • Validation of an IMU-based Measurement System in Preparation for Clinical Gait Analysis

Prizes, awards and invitations

  • DAAD grant to participate at a conference (International Conference on Biomechanics in Sport, Auckland, 2018)

Curriculum vitae

04/2010-02/2013Ruhr-University Bochum, B.Sc. Sports science
10/2013-11/2015German Sport University Cologne, M.Sc. Sports Technology
12/2015RWTH Aachen University, Research assistant
04/2016German Sport University Cologne, PhD student


Peer Review:

Beckmann, A., Mundt, M., Herren, C., Siewe, J., Kobbe, P., Sobottke, R., Stoffel, M. & Markert, B. (2016). Development and experimental validation of a patient-specific lumbar spine FE model to predict the effects of instrumentations. PAMM, 16, 73-74.

Beckmann, A., Herren, C., Mundt, M., Siewe J., Kobbe, P., Sobottke, R., Pape, H.C., Stoffel M. & Markert B. (2017). A new in vitro spine test rig to track multiple vertebral motions under physiological conditions. Biomed. Tech.

Herren, C., Beckmann, A., Meyer, S., Pishnamaz, M., Mundt, M., Sobottke, R., Prescher, A., Stoffel, M., Markert, B., Kobbe, P., Pape, H.C., Eysel, P. & Siewe, J. (2017). Biomechanical testing of a PEEK-based dynamic instrumentation device in a lumbar spine model. Clinic. Biom., 44,67-74.

Caldas, R., Mundt, M., Potthast, W., Buarque de Lima Neto, F. & Markert, B. (2017). A systematic review of gait analysis methods based on inertial sensors and adaptive algorithms. Gait & Posture, 57, 204-210.

Mundt, M., Bettag, S., Bamer, F., Stoffel, M., Knobe, M. & Markert, B. (2017). Biomechanical evaluation of a femoral neck fracture implant using a novel test-stand. PAMM.


Mundt, M., Wisser, A., David, S., Dupré, T., Quack, V., Bamer, F., Tingart, M., Potthast, W.& Markert, B. (2017). The influence of motion tasks on the accuracy of kinematic motion patterns of an IMU-based measurement system, in: 35th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports, 817-820.

Mundt, M., Wisser, A., David, S., Dupré, T., Quack, V., Bamer, F., Tingart, M., Potthast, W. & Markert, B. (2017). Der Einfluss der Gehgeschwindigkeit auf die Messgenauigkeit eines IMU-basierten Messsystems bezüglich kinematischer Parameter. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biomechanik, Hannover.