Short Time Mechanics

  • SFB 224 Teilprojekt A5

    Investigation of the interaction of turbulence and combustion
    under engine-like conditions in a single-stroke device

  • SFB 224 Teilprojekt B6

    Numerical and experimental investigation of self ignition of hydrocarbon / air mixtures under engine conditions by use of high-pressure shock tubes


    Shock tube investigations of ignition-delay times in multicomponent fuel/air-mixtures under engine relevant conditions

Gas Solid Interactions

  • Transition from smoldering to flaming combustion
  • Gaskinetic investigation of CVD processes
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of the transport phenomena at an evaporating surface.

Porous Materials / Metal foams

Porous, foam like materials show a complex internal structure. They consist of a skeleton interspersed by closed or open pores. The pores itself are saturated with fluid. For the application of these new materials to machinery components it is necessary to develop a model, which describes the deformation behavoir at the macroscale with condsiderisation of the pore fluid. Of particular interest is the coupled thermo-mechanical behavoir of the solid skeleton and the pore fluid. This research topic is treated from a theoretical and numerical point of view.

More about this theme:

  • Metal foams

  • Development of an objectoriented parallel finite element package

Holographic interferometry