Structural mechanics and biomechanics laboratories


Shock-Wave laboratory

Disk brake test bench

  • Power:30 kW
  • Variable inertia:2,7-33,3 kgm²
  • Max.rotational speed: max. 1460 rpm
  • Max. diameter of brake disc:450 mm
  • Atmosphere control: Ambient atmophere, humid
  • Control and DAQ Software: LabView
  • Dust extraction system
  • Speed measurement: Incremental encoder
  • Deformationmeasurement: Capacitive sensor (max. 50 kHz);Laser sensor (max. 20 kHz)
  • Torque measurement: max. 1000 Nm
  • Force measurement: max. 5000 N
  • Temperature measurement: High-speed infrared camera(13 kHz, max. 2000 °C);Pyrometer (50-1000 °C)

Multiple Axis test bench

858 Mini Bionix II

Biaxial test bench

Multifunctional test bench

Bio safety laboratory

Im Aufbau

Active Structures and Material testing

Im Aufbau

Laser vibration measurement