Dr. sc. ETH, Dipl.-Ing.

Georg Kocur

Associated researcher




Title Author(s)
Analysis of the wave propagation paths in numerical reinforced concrete models
Journal Article (2020)
Gollob, Stephan
Kocur, Georg Karl (Corresponding author)
Automated identification of the coefficient of restitution via bouncing ball measurement
Journal Article (2021)
Kocur, Georg K. (Corresponding author)
Harmanci, Y. E.
Chatzi, E.
Steeb, H.
Markert, Bernd
Active source localization in wave guides based on machine learning
Journal Article (2020)
Hesser, Daniel Frank (Corresponding author)
Kocur, Georg Karl
Markert, Bernd
Identification of Active and Passive Sources Using Elastic Waves and Computational Intelligence
Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings (2019)
Hesser, Daniel Frank (Corresponding author)
Kocur, Georg K.
Markert, Bernd
Defect mapping in pipes by ultrasonic wavefield cross-correlation: A synthetic verification
Journal Article (2018)
Nguyen, Luan T. (Corresponding author)
Kocur, Georg K.
Saenger, Erik H.