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Aachener Allgemeine Mechanik has a long history. It has existed since the university was founded in 1870. The first chair holder was August Ritter, whose cutting method named after him is widely known in the theory of half-timbered houses.

The Institute of General Mechanics provides basic mechanical training for students of mechanical engineering, metallurgy and materials technology, secondary school teaching and technical editing. Particularly with regard to new teaching methods and the use of new media, it is constantly striving to improve its offerings.

In the research sector, there are research groups in the fields of shell and plate theory, import behaviour, biomechanics as well as damage and fracture mechanics. In addition to the powerful computer network for the treatment of numerical problems, there are also well-equipped experimental facilities, such as a biomechanics laboratory, a shock wave laboratory and a structural laboratory for the investigation of components under complex loading conditions.


Further Informations

Activities of the association

The FAM e.V. was founded in February 2000. Its aim is to promote research, development and teaching in the field of mechanics in Aachen. In particular, the association has the following tasks:

  • Organization of scientific conferences in the field of mechanics
  • Promotion of the scientific exchange of peers
  • Assumption of printing costs for scientific publications in the field of mechanics
  • Promotion of the participation of lecturers, scientific staff and students in scientific conferences in the field of mechanics.
  • Support in solving and coordinating problems brought to the association by industry

This is intended to ensure that competitive teaching and research in the field of mechanics can continue in Aachen in the future.


A membership costs: 

  • 25,- Euro for normal payers
  • 10,- Euro for students
  • 100,- Euro for companies and other legal entities

To become a member of FAM e.V., please contact .

Bank details:
Aachener Bank eG
IBAN: DE30 3906 0180 1225 7140 17


Association board
Chairman: Dr.-Ing. Songyun Ma
Cashier: Heinz-Willi Rick
Secretary: Uwe Navrath

Förderverein für Allgemeine Mechanik e.V.
Eilfschornsteinstr. 18
D-52062 Aachen