Biomechanical In Vitro Test of a Novel Dynamic Spinal Stabilization System Incorporating Polycarbonate Urethane Material Under Physiological Conditions

Beckmann, Agnes (Corresponding author); Nicolini, Luis Fernando (Corresponding author); Grevenstein, David (Corresponding author); Backes, Hermann (Corresponding author); Oikonomidis, Stavros (Corresponding author); Sobottke, Rolf (Corresponding author); Kobbe, Philipp (Corresponding author); Hildebrand, Frank (Corresponding author); Stoffel, Marcus (Corresponding author); Markert, Bernd (Corresponding author); Siewe, Jan (Corresponding author); Herren, Christian (Corresponding author)

New York, NY : ASME (2019, 2020)
Journal Article

In: Journal of biomechanical engineering
Volume: 142
Issue: 1
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 011005