Dissertations and habilitations

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Dissertations and habilitations

Since August 2013, the following doctoral and post-doctoral theses have been completed at the IAM

Order no. First name Name Year Dissertations / Habilitation Comment
20 Ali Baharin 2023
19 Luis Fernando Nicolini 2023 The Effects of Vertebral Body Tethering System on the Biomechanics of the Thoracolumbar Spine
18 Shima Mostafavi 2022 Multiscale modeling and experimental study of ultrasonic metal welding
17 Nima Shirafkan 2022 Selected space-time integration strategies for linear and nonlinear frame structures
16 Daniel Hesser 2022 Anomaly and damage detection for structural health monitoring based on computational intelligence
15 Abdel Hassan Sweidan 2022 Thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling of pore-fluid phase change in porous media
14 Dongxu Liu 2022 Fracture and fatigue behaviour of hydrogels for cartilage tissue replacement
13 Yousef Heider 2021 Multi-field and multi-scale computational fracture mechanics and machine-learning material modeling Habilitation
12 Jianye Shi 2022 Linking structural defects to the damage behaviour of 3D-printed metallic glasses
11 Arnd Koeppe 2021 Deep learning in the finite element method


Beckmann 2021 Biomechanical investigation of posterior dynamic stabilization systems of the lumbar spine
9 Firaz Ebrahem 2021 Molecular structure-property relationships of network glasses under mechanical loading
8 Bilal El Kassem 2021 Machine design for auger dosing of powders by utilizing DEM simulations and multivariate-regression-based experimental analysis
- Marion Mundt 2020 Development of intelligent wearables for the estimation of motion kinematics and kinetics Sports University Cologne
7 Carlos Jansen 2020 Numerical investigation of phase-field models for fracture on the micro- and nanoscale
6 Rafael Caldas 2020 Hybrid adaptive approaches applied to gait analysis and therapeutic decision support
5 Marzieh Azarnoosh 2020 Influence of disc herniation on the mechanical behaviour of the lumbar intervertebral disc
4 Abdelkrim Lamjahdy 2018 Design of a brake test bench and the experimental and numerical investigation of friction pairings
3 Wolfgang Willenberg 2016 Development and application of an experimental biomechanical investigation and cultivation system
2 Muyu Zhang 2016 Auto-correlation-function-based damage index for damage detection and system identification


Sandeep Patil 2015 Multiscale modeling of spider dragline silk