Research Projects


Current Projects

Projekt Kurzbeschreibung Fördergeber Laufzeit
RePlaSys Experiment-based virtual evaluation of the degradation behaviour of resorbable magnesium implants BMBF since 2019
FrostHeave Investigation and calculation of frost heave considering sepcific boundary conditions of ground freezing DFG
Project number
SmartRollator Optimisation of a four-wheeled-walker for geriatric patients IAM since 2018
FretFat Multiscale modeling of fretting crack initiation and wear under nonproportional loadings CSC, IAM since 2017
MechanoCELL Cell Migration Behavior under Mechanical Loading IAM since 2017
SiliconAnodes Nonlocal modelling of chemomechanical degradation process of silicon anodes in lithium ion batteries IAM since 2017
BioWear Multiscale modelling if wear-fatigue behaviour of biomimetic hierarchical structures IAM since 2017
BioMag Multiscale modelling of corrision behaviour and mechanical integrity assessment of biodegradable magnesium implants for orthopedic applications IAM


GasDetonation Numerical modelling of the gas detonation process IAM since 2015

Finished Projects

Projekt Kurzbeschreibung Fördergeber Laufzeit
SiliciaAerogel Mechanical properties of silicia aerogel IAM since 2016
IMU-GA Inertial sensor based motion analysis IAM since 2015
SpineImplants Vertebral motion measurement of lumbar spine in 6 DOF spine testing rig at body temperature for testing of dynamic spine instrumentations IAM,
RWTH Start,
SpiderSilk Multi-scale modelling of spider dragline silk DFG (2012-2014),
IAM (since 2015)
since 2012
Nacre Mechanical properties of nacre and its constituents IAM since 2015