Mechanics III – Maschinenbau

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Marcus Stoffel

stellv. Institutsleiter


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The subject Mechanics III - Dynamics covers basic mechanics under consideration of mass accelerations. The course includes kinematics as a theory of motion, in which the relationships between position, velocity and acceleration vectors in co-moving coordinate systems are presented. The subsequent kinetics deals with the derivation of equations of motion based on Newton's laws.

Gyroscopic equations and energy methods are developed and applied to dynamic systems. The course concludes with an introduction to the vibration theory of multi-body systems and continuous oscillators.


  • Kinematics of the mass point and the rigid body
  • Kinetics of the mass point
  • Newtonian equation of motion
  • impulse, twist, energy and working sets
  • Movement of the unfree mass point
  • shock processes
  • Relative motion, Coriolis acceleration
  • oscillations
  • Kinetics of a system of mass points
  • center of gravity theorem, impulse theorem, twist theorem, energy theorem
  • Variable mass systems
  • Kinetics of the rigid body
  • moments of inertia and deviation, twist set
  • Kinetic energy and energy theorem
  • Plane motion, gyration, general motion in space
  • Principle of D'Alembert, Lagrange's equations

Additional Information

How does the event work?

While the focus of the plenary lecture is on imparting theoretical content, the latter are used in the plenary exercises to solve engineering problems. The plenary exercises are offered in German and English language.

The examination of the module is taken in electronic form on the computer. It is offered on
several dates during the semester vacation. The grade of an examination that has already been
passed can be improved by increasing the total number of points by a maximum of 6 bonus
points, which can be earned in bonus point tests during the semester.


Lecture & Tutorial

Consultation hours


The lecture notes of all mechanics modules can now be purchased from Frankenne,

- in the shop, Templergraben 48 in Aachen (please note the opening hours)

- in the Frankenne online Shop under Schule Frankenne Shop (Entering the keywords "mechanik1", "iam", "markert" etc. always leads to the desired product.)

Additions to the Mechanics 3 Script (Prof. Markert; Prof. Stoffel)

Home exercises to acquire bonus points

In accordance with the valid examination regulations of the Bachelor's programme in Mechanical Engineering, a total of six points can be earned by passing the homework exercises. The points earned will be added to the total number of points if the student passes the examination. In case of non-participation and failure to pass the exam, the bonus points earned in the winter semester remain valid in the following summer semester. After that (in the next winter semester) the bonus points expire and must be acquired again.

There are three home exercises offered, in each of which up to two points can be earned. There are no half points. Each homework consists of several questions that are randomly selected from a list of questions. From 33 % of the points in the homework there is one bonus point, from 66 % of the points there are two bonus points for the exam. 

The processing time of the homework exercise is 20 minutes each and can only be processed in fixed time windows after logging in to the OPS (access data is available in the L²P learning room). 

The time windows are open on the following fixed dates, from 12 noon to 12 midnight:

Homework 1: Mi, 13.01.2021, 12:00 - 24:00 Uhr (bis zu 2 BP)
Homework 2: Mi, 27.01.2021, 12:00 - 24:00 Uhr (bis zu 2 BP)
Homework 3: Mi, 10.02.2021, 12:00 - 24:00 Uhr (bis zu 2 BP)


The examination is carried out electronically on the ZuseLab computers.

You are allowed to use all pocket calculators that you can find on the list of the IGPM list. 

For dates, please refer to the subitem semester dates.

Refresher seminar

This seminar is intended for second repeaters

To register, please send an e-mail to   with your name, matriculation number and e-mail address. Registration deadline:

In addition, please clearly indicate that you wish to register for the seminar Mechanics III Mechanical Engineering, otherwise no assignment is possible. 

For organisational reasons, no questions can be answered by e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Blumenthal (0241/80 98285). 

Start of the seminar expected on ??.??.2020 (online only). - To be announced.

Module description

A detailed description of the module can be found here