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Michael Ban

Teaching Coordinator


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The IAM offers courses in various Master's programmes. These include the Masters in Mechanical Engineering, CAME and Biomedcial Engineering. The courses cover a wide range of topics, such as neural networks, computational intelligence or porous media.

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Lecture WS SS Lecturer Course

Artificial Neural Networks in Structural Mechanics

V2/Ü2 Prof. Stoffel

M.Sc. MB

Ausgewählte Kapitel der Inelastizitätstheorie Prof. Markert
Computational Intelligence in Engineering Prof. Markert
Failure of Mechanical Structures and Structural Elements V2 Prof. Markert
Dr. Patil
Grundlagen der Biomechanik

Prof. Stoffel
M.Sc. Mundt

Mechanics / Biomechanics
Mechanik poröser Medien Prof. Markert
Molecular Mechanics and Multiscale Modelling of Materials Dr. Patil
M.Sc. Ebrahem
Nonlinear Structural Mechanics V2/Ü2 Prof. Stoffel
M.Sc. Shirafkan
Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering V3/Ü2 Dr. Ban
Reliable Simulation in the Mechanics of
Materials and Structures
V2/Ü2 Dr. Heider
M.Sc. Mostafavi