Study direction support


Each Master's programme in conjunction with the RWTH International Academy is supervised by a professor, the so-called professional field or Master's supervisor. These supervisors are professors of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who are available as contact persons for subject-related questions in addition to the study counselling (questions about studies in general). Students can make use of the consultation hours of the supervising professors if, for example, they would like to have the composition of their elective modules tested with regard to their suitability for their later professional career.

Furthermore, the supervising professors give the examination boards a recommendation for the approval or rejection of modules within the framework of applications for changes to the curriculum. The contents of the topic of the engineering bachelor's and master's thesis are also checked by the occupational field supervisors prior to approval by the examination board (see signature field on the registration form). The subsequent recommendation to approve or reject the topic is taken into account when the examination board examines the topic of external work.

For modules in economics or questions on the choice of an economic specialisation in the Master's programme, special lecturers from the specialisations are available as contact persons at the Faculty of Economics.

Masterstudiengang Betreuer
Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering
Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering