Some nonclassical formulations of shakedown problems

Hachemi, Abdelkader; Hamadouche, M. A.; Weichert, Dieter

Jülich : NIC (2003)

In: Numerical methods for limit and shakedown analysis : deterministic and probabilistic problems ; report of the European project: FEM based limit and shakedown analysis for design and integrity assessment in European Industry - LISA ; project funded by the European Commission under the industrial & materials technologies programme (Brite-EuRam III), contract no: BRPR-CT97-0595, project no: BE 97-4547, period: January 1, 1998 to May 31, 2002 / John-von-Neumann-Institute for Computing (NIC). Ed. by Manfred Staat ; Michael Heitzer
Seite(n)/Artikel-Nr.: 57-84